Dienstag, 25. September 2012


Day 11: Windcar

In the early morning we were on the way to Marburg, Elisabeth-Blochmann-Platz. Blue sky, a nice sunrise and the view of the university city made the arriving pleasant! 
Arriving in Marburg
We booked the “standard city tour” and were bored for the next hour, in which the highlight was a cute girl cleaning the window in her room – thanks again Gordon ;) To sweeten the city-tour we bought some delicious grapes on the marketplace. The price says pretty much everything about the lunch. (2.50) No, just joking, price/performance was fine… 
In the old town of Marburg
In Rosenthal we visited the TWIKE Company and saw the well organised production place. We enjoyed the tour like the Streuselkuchen, which indeed was very good. For us it was a short stay, we left Twikes birthplace early to get our new rear tires. By the way, thanks for the tip Wolfgang. 

New tire - Pirelli PZero
In the garage we left nearly 400€, two black stripes and our sense of hearing. Later on we passed a lot of windmills and thought about a project Windcar. Wind and weather helped to get some great photos. 
Suncar beside the windmills
Directly beside the marketplace (in Paderborn), where the cars rested overnight, we had our dinner, served by Dessert. At the hotel reception the lady surprised us with two different room keys (for single bedrooms). Alone but tired we fell asleep.

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