Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

Les belles filles de la France

Day 9: Les belles filles de la France

Time : 10.15 AM, place: Eimeldingen, Reblandhalle. Focussed like an eagle on its prey I wait. There comes the signal, the acceleration pedal hits the floor and the SunCar goes crazy!

The performance of our car allowed us to win the daily competition:  acceleration race. We enjoyed the breakfast, which we brought along from the hotel. Afterwards we headed for the next stop in Freiburg. There the sheets for the energy efficiency contest were collected by the jury. We didn’t expect too much from our results, so we were really surprised by our good result, the second place. The explanation laid in the weight of the vehicles, which were included in the calculations (Consumption of kWh per 100km per kg).

In Freiburg we ate lunch and were interviewed by the local TV station, report see (

Interview with SWR
The trip to Schramberg was very exciting. We drove over the beautiful mountain roads of Schwarzwald, and as a result of that we now have to change our rear tires... Haha, just joking! It was already necessary before this last trip. 

We managed the 90km to Strasbourg without any problems, except for a sleepy co-driver. But once arrived we were captured by the beauty of the city and all the belles filles…
Historic Center in Strasbourg

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