Dienstag, 18. September 2012

Half Time

Day 8: Half Time

After a dream which felt almost too good to be true, (maybe the beautiful host lady played a part in it…) we got up and took a seat in the Suncar. We arrived about half past nine in Basel at the Auto Basel exhibition. A lot of electric and hybrid cars were showed to raise the awareness of electric mobility to the unknowing majority. 
Last day with Constantin...

For the WAVE participators Sunday was announced as day of rest.

In the morning we went through the areas of the exhibition, where Douglas Peck (check out his blog at http://www.emotorsportnews.com/) explained us the beauty of a true English car – the legendary Aston Martin. For lunch we enjoyed some typical Swiss food - hamburger with chips. A few wavers left to visit the city of Basel…
Showgirl vs. Aston Martin

Finally Roger is back! Together we met for the way to Eimeldingen, where we got the possibility to charge the SunCar. Eimeldingen – we all knew what this meant. It would be our first trip to Germany, where we’d have highways without speed limits. A coin flip decided about who will drive, and Stefan won. It was just a really short trip on the highway, where we goaled a top speed of 180km/h.

 After placing our stuff in the hotel room, we drove with the C-Zero and our driver Patrick to the wine cellar, where we were served with so called new wine, which went down our dry mouth like water. The owner of the wine cellar offered all drinks and we spent a great time talking!
Conversation with the wine cellar owner

Afterwards we went for a drive with our Bugatti Veyron. After a few minor crashes and one final frontal hit, we decided it was too late, and we stopped playing need for speed.

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